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Oregon takes on the Duke Blue Devils in their run for the national championship. The winner faces the winner of Texas A&M and Oklahoma. Rusty and Sean break down the game against St. Joes and look ahead to tipoff in a few hours.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon takes on their sweet 16 matchup, the Duke Blue Devils, in a few hours.  Duke is a weak 4-seed and Oregon is a weak 1-seed, but really Duke should be a 5-seed or 6-seed.  While Duke may have an edge in talent there's a lot of evidence to show that Altman has been the better coach this year and will have an edge over Duke.

In Duke's games against Yale and UNCW they really struggled against the press, which plays very well into Oregon's hands.  Duke also benefited from open shots on the edge that came from poor defenses executed by inferior athletes.  Oregon is a team with a lot of athletes and those same shots will not be available to Duke.

At the end, we talk about DeForest Buckner and his ceiling compared to others in the NFL draft.  What sets him apart?  Who is he most similar to?  And we talk about what Brady Hoke could bring to the defense, because there is literally no place to go for Oregon except for up.

It's going to be an exciting weekend for Oregon Basketball and Duke might say they want it, but they might really not.