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Submit your score predictions for today's Elite Eight game between Oregon and Oklahoma

We have a handy little tool that allows you to submit a score prediction, so come try it out!

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Oregon Ducks are one win away from booking a trip to the Final Four, somewhere they haven't been since the days of the Tall Firs in the late 1930s. Today, they'll take on the No. 2 seed Oklahoma Sooners, who are coming off a dominant win of their own against Texas A&M in the Sweet 16 on Thursday. Despite the craziness of this tournament, this is one matchup that many experts predicted would happen heading into the tournament.

Below, we've included a handy tool that will allow you to submit your prediction for the final score tonight. According to Vegas, it's too close to call. The best spread in Oregon's favor has the Ducks by one point. If it's that close, I may just die of a heart attack today. The St. Joseph's game was enough of a scare and I'm not sure I'm prepared for another close game.

Submit your predictions below and come back afterwards to see how close (or far off) your guess was.