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Slingin' Quack: The Band Is Back Together!

Sean and Rusty are back after a long layoff with a whole bunch of quack. The two talk about the basketball team and the amazing success it has had quietly, the Ducks at the combine, and what the Titans should do with their NFL Draft pick.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

I have returned from my adventures through the Himalayas and have returned with some of the sweetest quack in the land.  Unfiltered, uncut, straight from the source quack.

Sean and I talk about the amazing season the basketball team has had.  Larson points out that Dillon Brooks has been the standout player of the year.  Brooks always hits double digit points.  With players like Boucher, Cook, Bell, and Dorsey filling out the roster at least one other player will show up to supplement Brooks.

I'd like to point out that Oregon basketball is undefeated since Kanye West's The Life of Pablo was released.

The NFL Combine happened last weekend.  The combine is basically the weirdest, and often grossest, meat market.  Where else do you have people asking potential employees if they are gay during interviews and it appears to have no consequences?

The Ducks sent five players: Vernon Adams, Tyler Johnstone, Byron Marshall, Bralon Addison, and DeForest Buckner.  Sean and I talk about the players' skills going into the NFL Draft and where we see the players ending up.

Lastly, we talked about Marcus Mariota.  Actually, we talked about what the Titans need to do with their draft pick to make sure that Mariota isn't pressured on more than 50% of his drop backs this next season.