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The Pac-12 Network wouldn't have aired Oregon's quarterfinal game in Washington if Stanford had won

Oregon fans in Washington would've been out of luck if Stanford had won today.

The world of TV coverage is a bizarre thing sometimes, and the Pac-12 tournament is no exception. If you need further proof, just take a look at this picture below taken from the Seattle Times.

If you live in Washington and are a Ducks fan, you should be happy the Huskies won today or you wouldn't have seen Oregon's game tomorrow. According to their schedule, the quarterfinal Oregon is in would only air if the Huskies won.

Now, this isn't total hate against Oregon. You'll notice that Arizona fans will suffer the same fate that Oregon fans could have had to deal with. The Arizona vs. Colorado quarterfinal will not air in Washington since the Cougars lost, but that's not really fair considering Washington State would have had to snap a 16-game losing streak.

So if you live in Washington, you will get to see the Oregon game tomorrow afternoon, but only because the Huskies won. Let's just be thankful we didn't have to rely on their football team to win.