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The crowds at Oregon State and Cal's spring games were....sparse

It's just a glorified practice, but...yikes.

April marks the return of spring football and glorified practice games that everyone puts way too much stock into. Basically like spring training. Oregon won't play for another couple weeks, but many spring games around the country took place this weekend, including some in the Pac-12.

Among those who had their spring games this weekend were Oregon State and California. Now, while there is usually plenty of excitement surrounding a team's annual spring game, the same could not be said for either of these schools.

Now, I'm sure there are plenty of other things people could do on a sunny Saturday in the Bay Area, but you'd think the spring game at Oregon State would be the weekend's main event in Corvallis.

Oregon will host their spring game at Autzen Stadium on April 30. The Ducks frequently draw well over 40,000 fans to their game, and it shouldn't be any different this year.