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Rusty and Sean meet up after Oregon's amazing stretch to the elite eight in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. They talk about the upcoming Oregon Football season, spring practices, Devon Allen running track, and the QB race.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Recorded this on April Fool's Day but this year at ATQ there were no April Fool's Day jokes to be had.  In the past the stories have been too believable so we had to sit this year out.  However, that didn't cause some people to dream about what could have been.

Fun fact: Matt Daddy is not a fan of the very positive posts that those of put out about football practices.  He let it be known very clearly to myself and the twittersphere.  I'm just happy to have practice reports and like what Moseley writes, don't mind me.

Sean and I talk about football first as I thought an April Fool's Day Joke about Royce Freeman sitting out the year in order to avoid injury and prepare for the draft would have been great.  We talk about Dakota Pruskop showing up and a couple of early practice notes but...

WE TOTALLY DIDN'T TALK ABOUT BASKETBALL UNTIL THE 8 MIN MARK.  Sean and I both feel so happy about this team and everything they accomplished.  Cook and Benjamin will depart the basketball team but a bunch of the key contributors are back next year making for a promising season.  I don't think I've had more fun watching a basketball game than watching Oregon shred Duke for a good ten minutes.  We finish the basketball segment with Coach K's, fib, I guess, about what he said to Brooks after the game.

Going back to football we talk about the QB race, switching positions on defense, Devon Allen and track, and what every defense says in the offseason. I go on a little rant about the trend of high school seniors leaving high school early to get an early start on their college careers by joining spring practices.