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Oregon tight end Pharaoh Brown cleared for contact

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

A year and a half ago, Oregon tight end Pharaoh Brown suffered a horrific leg injury during Oregon's 51-27 win over Utah in Salt Lake City. His leg buckled in a way it shouldn't, and in the days that followed, it looked as if Brown would never step onto a football field again.

Fast forward to April 2016, and against all odds, Brown is not only back on the field, but he has now been cleared for contact. Earlier this week, Brown looked like his old self, hauling in passes and stiff-arming defenders. What makes this so remarkable is that following the injury, Brown nearly had to have his injured leg amputated. While at the hospital, doctors discovered a stretched artery in his leg, which caused internal bleeding and cut off blood flow to the lower part of his right leg.

Of course, the Ducks will remain cautious with Brown's comeback. Offensive coordinator Matt Lubick isn't sure Brown will even play in the spring game next weekend at Autzen Stadium, which is a smart move. This is only spring practice and there's no need to rush Brown back when the season doesn't even start for another four-plus months.

Lubick said that a big part of making a comeback like this is taking your first hits again, and that seems to be a step Brown has taken with no problems. It'll be exciting to see how he progresses through the spring and into the fall.