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The Oregon Duck Owns the Running Man Challenge

Along with Oregon cheerleaders and somebody in a dinosaur suit.

The running man challenge is quickly becoming the latest internet craze, and the Oregon Ducks mascot -- better known as the Oregon Duck -- is not one to be outdone:

What is the running man challenge? It's basically sort of dancing and sort of running in place to the 1996 Ghost Town DJ's hit "My Boo," and then filming it. You might be reminded of the Harlem Shake or the "Ran Off On the Plug Twice" bit from a few months back.

The trend was started by some Maryland basketball players, but has spread to other teams including Villanova, Virginia Tech and UConn:

Oh yeahh!!! wassup wit it ? @jaybriddle_1 add my snap: jnickkk

A video posted by Jared Nickens (@jnickens_) on

The Duck's take on the challenge is unique in that it includes the Oregon cheerleaders, somebody in a dinosaur suit and a penguin (I think). Spread the word.