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Slingin' Quack: Vernon Adams to Las Vegas Raiders?

Rusty Ryan and Sean Larson are back to preview the NFL Draft and the Oregon Spring Game this Saturday. DeForest Buckner is the only Duck that will go on Day 1 and all signs point to him going to the 49ers. We also talk about what we need to see in the spring game on Saturday.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is here!  Some people think the Draft should be moved forward to prevent overthinking but the NFL is not going to move an event that is crushing sports coverage during the NBA playoffs.  It's timed perfectly.

DeForest Buckner is universally considered a top-10 talent.  Many teams are projected to take Buckner: Browns, Bears, 49ers, Ravens, Chargers, Cowboys, and Giants.

Vernon Adams and Bralon Addison are projected as seventh-round draft picks or extremely desirable undrafted free agents.

The Oregon Spring Game, which has two title sponsors so props to Oregon IMG, is on Saturday before a baseball and softball game.   A FULL DAY OF DUCK SPORTS!  Unlike last year all the quarterbacks are participating so we can get a good comparison between Dakota Prukop and Travis Jonsen.  Jonsen is rumored to be competing against Prukop.

Also, there is the new 4-3 defense Hoke is installing.  While every defense says they're going to be more aggressive and create sacks and force turnovers we'll see if the talk is just talk.  Perhaps the most important part is to see whether we have multiple centers who can snap the football in a shotgun formation.