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Underrecruited and Underrated: 3 Recruits You Should Know

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As the Spring Evaluation period begins here are some names to know

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knows the 5-star recruits who have thousands of Twitter followers and crazy fans tweeting at them every second. It takes a true sports fan to pay attention to the slightly under the radar guys. Well, that type of stuff is what I'm here for. I’m here to tell you about some recruits who don’t have the flashiest offer lists, but can be just as powerful of a signee come National Signing Day.

OLB/ATH Dean Sise

One recruit who is gaining some interest from Oregon is Dean Sise. Sise has offers from Navy, Portland State, and Idaho. He has also been receiving interest from schools such as Fresno State, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, and Washington State. He actually has plans to travel to these schools sometime in the summer for an unofficial visit or to participate in their camps.

Analysis: Sise is an OLB from Juanita High School in Washington which is the same high school as Oregon target, ATH Salvon Ahmed. A word that would define Sise is: Swiss Army Knife. Ok, maybe that isn’t one word, but it’s close, right? Sise plays everywhere on the field for the Washington powerhouse. He plays cornerback, safety, wide receiver, and his main position: outside linebacker. A team can never have enough players with this kind of versatility. But he isn’t just a guy who is average both ways, he excels on defense and on offense. On defense he is a hard hitting linebacker who can play off the edge, in the box, and even play some coverage. On offense he can come in and be a good blocking wide receiver, think Josh Huff, because of his strength and 6-1 frame. Overall Sise is a talented player who, surprisingly, doesn’t have many offers. Whichever team he signs with come National Signing Day, will not regret offering him.

WR Gavin Holmes

Another recruit who has high interest from the Ducks, but still isn’t as heavily recruited as he should be, is Gavin Holmes. The Northwestern (TX) product has offers from a lot of small schools, but the bigger offers are from: Utah, Duke, and Wisconsin. Other schools such as Oklahoma, Purdue, and some Texas schools are interested in him as well. Holmes has not visited Oregon yet, but he is trying to make a visit this summer. Last week, Coach Lubick dropped by to watch Holmes practice.

Analysis: Taking a look at Holmes’s tape his speed is a major key to his game. He comes off of receiver screens, short slants, and uses a double move to get open. He is at his best when he is put in space and he can use his quickness to shed tacklers and turn 5-yard catches into 20-yard scores. When Coach Lubick visited Holmes last week, they discussed how Oregon could use Holmes in their offense. Holmes told me Oregon would, "just find ways to get me out in space and use my speed" and Holmes elaborated saying, "one of my favorite college of all time is De’Anthony Thomas…hopefully they would use me like that". Holmes is looking to visit Oregon sometime in June.

OG Cody Shear

This local Oregon product has been receiving a lot of interest from Oregon as well. Cody Shear’s recruitment has started a bit late, but he still boasts an impressive quantity of offers. He has 20 offers from schools such as: Arizona, Hawaii (his first offer), Oregon State, and Washington State. Although Oregon hasn’t offered Shear, they are a team he would love to see an offer from. Oregon and Washington are heavily interested and they would be big offers for his recruitment. Shear has visited Oregon (he visited junior day) and he plans to visit Washington State, Oregon State and Nevada soon as unofficial visits. Shear told me he hasn’t decided how many official visits he is planning on taking, but he wants to make a summer decision.

Analysis: Cody Shear is a big kid. He is about 6-4 285lbs, but he is quick when dropping back. In fact that is why Oregon is recruiting him. He fits the mold of an Oregon offensive lineman, quick and big. Shear told me Oregon’s staff loves his size and speed; they tell him to "stay fast" because they "love the way I move with my size". Even though Shear is listed as a guard, he told me "I have been recruited at all three offensive line positions" so he is very flexible in where he will play at the next level. In high school he plays LT, DE, and LS. Shear has great speed for his size and can play all along the offensive front; power five conferences need to be offering him now.