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Marcus Mariota becoming more vocal as a leader with Titans

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Mariota is entering his second season with the Tennessee Titans, and according to some of his teammates, he's already becoming more vocal and confident as a leader with the team. A month into the team's offseason program, Mariota's teammates had nothing but praise.

"Marcus is just a leader,’’ tight end Delanie Walker said of Mariota. "You can tell he is starting to be more vocal. I think he is starting to get more comfortable with the system, and the guys are knowing that he is a leader on this team. So his throwing is always going to be good. But he looks faster, and he seems like he is grasping the offense really well. I am excited to see what he does."

"He is a great, great quarterback obviously,’’ running back DeMarco Murray said of Mariota. "But he is also a great person. And a guy like that, you definitely want to be playing with and give your all. He is a quiet leader, he leads by example. But when he speaks everyone listens. I think he respects everyone, and everyone respects him. He works extremely hard. I have never been around a quarterback who works like he works."

"He’s a great leader,’’ (Rishard) Matthews said of Mariota. "He is doing what he needs to do to lead this team. He is a hard worker in the weight room and on the field. And he is taking the right steps to learn the offense and control the offense. He is doing a great job."