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Slingin' Quack: Friday Night Fireside Talk

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Rusty Ryan and Sean Larson are back after a short delay. The two talk about the Oregon Spring game, which includes: The QBs, Pharoah Brown, Devon Allen & the receivers, and the new 4-3 D. Since Oregon is a T&F school we've got some awards to talk abt

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Here for your weekend pleasure is another edition of Slingin' Quack.  I'm Rusty Ryan joined by Sean Larson and we talk about a lot.  The Oregon Spring game happened a while ago and we talk about some of the burning topics.  Dakota Prukop played in it, which is a nice thing to have happen, and Travis Jonsen looked better than expected.  The running back position is really full, so much so that I don't know how they'll split up carries.

The receivers have a comical amount of depth.  Dillon Mitchell played extremely well during the spring game, which matches the praise Rob Moseley wrote about all spring.  Devon Allen is in a unique situation because he's one of the best hurdle sprinter in the world and is most likely going to the Olympics.  Sean thinks that Devon Allen won't have a good football career at all and thinks he should just focus on track and field.  I also think Devon Allen should just do track, because he's ridiculously good at it and will be a career runner, and the receiver position at Oregon is absurd.

Oh yeah, and Pharaoh Brown is back.  The 4-3 defense gets talked about so you should listen to that too.  They did a great job of getting pressure but is the offensive line just struggling?

Since Oregon is a Track & Field school at heart Sean and I talk about all the awards the Oregon team brought in.  Awards for best runner in both men and women as well as the best freshman runner in both men and women found their way to Eugene.

Check it out and play the Ron Swanson video in the background.  It'll be great.  I promise.