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Could Vernon Adams End Up in the CFL?

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Former Ducks quarterback may find success north of the border.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Vernon Adams is working hard to make things happen in the NFL, but if he doesn't catch on in Seattle or elsewhere in the league, should he go a bit further north and give Canadian football a try?

That's what Jamie Thomas of Yahoo Sports Canada asks regarding Adams and former Florida State quarterback Everett Golson. Both went undrafted but are trying their hand at the NFL as undrafted free agents.

Obviously playing in the States would be optimal, and Adams is trying out not only for the Seahawks but also the Washington Redskins, but a pro deal in Canada wouldn't be bad either.

An anonymous CFL scout said Adams would be "a star" in Canada, and Neil McEvoy of Vancouver's BC Lions added that 10 or 15 years ago Adams would have probably already signed with a CFL team.

Vancouver is relatively close to Oregon and Adams' former school, Eastern Washington. He's already on the Lions' radar:

"He's not the biggest kid in the world but when he goes on the football field and plays, he plays at a high level. He's athletic enough and he's a winner wherever he's been," said McEvoy. "When he was at Eastern Washington they continually won, when he was at Oregon last year they won a lot of games."

Twitter seems to agree Adams would do well in the CFL.

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