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Oregon Lands 3* Offensive Lineman From West Linn High School

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Oregon picks up its third commit of the week, making the 2017 class grow to five recruits

Student Sports

Today feels good because Oregon recruitment is heading in the right direction and all this good with the world. On May 25th, OT Alex Forsyth announced he will be ending his recruitment on June 11th by committing to the school of his preference. Well, June 11th is here and Forsyth preferred the Ducks. He committed to Oregon while also holding offers from USC (the other major player in his recruitment), Washington, and UCLA. Forsyth is a highly rated 3-star OT, he’s ranked as the 50th best OT in the country, and he is the 4th best recruit in the state of Oregon.

Today, Oregon grabbed its first in-state commit of the 2017 cycle, its 3rd commit of the week, and its 5th overall. This is a great pickup for the Ducks because they are adding one of the more highly recruited in-state kids, plus they are beating out fellow Pac-12 teams in the process.

It is fitting Forsyth choose Oregon as his college landing place for many reasons. For starters, he lives about 2 hours from Eugene (he is from West Linn High School), so one could say he is in Oregon’s backyard. Another reason why it is so fitting is because in a video with, about a year ago, Forsyth is telling the interviewer, "It’s one of my top schools (Oregon) I’d love to go to, I always rep Oregon apparel and I’ve been a fan since I was little," while wearing an Oregon hoodie. The last reason is the way his recruitment got jump started. Back when Oregon offered Forsyth, he only had eight offers and two of which were from Pac-12 schools (Oregon State and Washington State). After the Oregon offer his recruitment exploded and he ended up with 18 offers from a lot of power five schools. I’m not saying Oregon was the reason why his recruitment heated up, its just a strange coincidence that his recruitment exploded that way.

The Skinny

This section is called "The Skinny" and it is no indicative of Forsyth’s size. Forsyth stands at 6-5 and weighs about 280-pounds. As an offensive tackle, 290-pounds is the desired weight, but Oregon has been known to recruit speedier linemen because their offensive system depends on them. The ideal range for fast linemen are 275-pounds to 285-pounds, so Forsyth’s size is perfect for what Oregon is looking for.

Upper body strength is one of the keys to Forsyth’s game. If he lands his hands on the defender in the run game, it’s all over because one swipe of his hands and that defender is laying on the ground. He also shows a mean streak to his game. He goes out physical and always plays to the last whistle, he even finishes his block when the ball far past him. The heart he has and his toughness is something you can’t teach.

Another strength to his game, is his range. He can get up the field quickly on WR screens, bubble screens, and run plays. Lead blocking is another one of his strengths because he can cut down on real estate between him and the secondary player by his great positioning skills. He is a great blocker once he is out in space because of his awareness, speed, and physical nature.

Hand placement is one of the biggest areas of improvement for Forsyth. He is inconsistent at times and places his hands wider than where he should. In the high school he could get away with placing his hands outside of his mark because he is physically stronger, but in college he will need to learn to consistently keep his hands between the shoulder blades.

Oregon has now landed three recruits this week, moving their total up to five. Alex Forsyth is an important pickup because Oregon can’t afford to lose any more recruits to teams outside of the state. It looks like Oregon is gaining more momentum in the recruiting world and I’m hearing a lot of great news for Oregon fans. Forsyth’s commitment was just one of many whispers and I would expect one more commitment by the end of this month.

Here is Oregon’s recruiting class as it stands and check out Alex Forsyth’s highlights courtesy of Hudl: