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Jim Harbaugh buys Marcus Mariota jersey on the streets of Los Angeles

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It’s always entertaining following the recruiting tactics of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. My personal favorite was when he had a sleepover at a recruit’s house and then went to school with him.

One of Harbaugh’s tactics is to wear jerseys from the hometown of the recruit he is going after. On Saturday afternoon, Harbaugh hit the streets of Inglewood to purchase his next jerseys. Harbaugh posted this photo to his Twitter account rocking a Kobe Bryant shirsey while also holding a Marcus Mariota Titans jersey in his hand.

Everything about this photo is magical. The shirsey/khaki combo is a Harbaugh special, the Mariota jersey purchase is even better and he acquired these at a random pop-up tent in Inglewood!

The baby blue Mariota jersey is the best of all the options, in my humble opinion, considering I am the proud owner of the same jersey. But I bought mine at the Duck Store and not off the streets of Inglewood so I’ll never be as cool as Jim here.