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Slingin' Quack On The Road: With USC

Rusty Ryan takes Slingin' Quack on the road to talk with "Traveler Hates Thursdays" to talk about the matchup between Oregon and USC this year. We talk Prukop, Helfrich's hot seat, recruiting, and the new defense. Listen to the podcast now!

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The image sucks, I know.  The podcast doesn't suck, it's good.  I did a podcast with Traveler Hates Thursdays hosted by Saman Djabbari and Will Robinson.  They followed me so I recommend you follow them and they're cool anyways.

IMPORTANT: We should really try to set the record for most listens on this pod.  It's the right and noble thing to do.

This podcast went pretty long, which means so much quack for all you fiends out there.  Quack will soon be in season like never before, like pumpkin-flavored anything in October.

We cover how hot Mark Helfrich's seat is (I don't think it's hot at all but you should listen to find out why).

Is Don Pellum the classiest coach in the conference because he was willing to go back to the linebacker coach and vacate his spot as defensive coordinator to let Brady Hoke in?  That is up for debate but his suits are classy AF and that is a fact.

What will the defense look like with Brady Hoke?  I think gap responsibilities will have a bigger impact than the switch to 4-3 will.

Other Questions To Ponder:

Is Royce Freeman better than Christian McCaffrey?

What do I think of Oregon's uniforms?

What are the biggest question marks for this Oregon team?

Who will be the Trojan quarterback this spring?

How did they feel when Sarkisian most likely coached a game under the influence?

How happy are they with Clay Helton?

Who picks USC's schedule?  September looks awful.