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Webfoot Awards: Adams To Stanford Wins Best Play

The Addicted To Quack community has voted Vernon Adams' miracle pass to Dwayne Stanford against Arizona State as the best play of the season. When the season was at a crossroad Adams and Stanford pulled out a play and Oregon turned the season around.

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The Addicted To Quack community has voted the miracle pass on fourth down that forced the Arizona State game to overtime as the best play of the last school year.  Watch it here:

Vernon Adams was in his second game back from injury and led Oregon on offense in the shootout in the desert.  Both offenses were efficient throughout the entire night and well into the next morning depending on what time zone an individual might be in.

Arizona State had done well at forcing Oregon into long conversion attempts.  Their blitz heavy scheme forced Adams to make plays and extend plays all night.  No play was better than the one at the end of the game to Dwayne Stanford.  When you watch the play from the regular TV sideline camera it looks like Adams just throws it up for grabs.  But if you look at the play from the end zone camera angle you can see Dwayne Stanford finding open space and Vernon Adams seeing him.  It was all part of the plan.  Just the way the coaches drew it up.  Yup.

Oregon went on to win in triple-overtime.  Bralon Addison had an amazing catch in overtime that could have been called either way.  Arrion Springs pulled off the most opportunistic play of the season when he stepped in front of the Arizona State receiver and sealed the win.

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The football team went to win on the rest of their games in the regular season.  Vernon Adams' pass to Dwayne Stanford was the pivotal moment in the season.