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Marcus Mariota bathes in a tub full of rubber ducks in latest Nissan Heisman House commercial

There’s a new version of the popular Nissan Heisman House commercial, and it features former Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota as well as the Oregon Duck.

In the new ad, which now features Mariota’s teammate, former Alabama running back Derrick Henry, the Oregon Duck is seen moving down the hall carrying a bin full guessed it...rubber ducks. The Duck passes by Mark Ingram, who shrugs off what he sees and goes back to eating his massive party sub.

The Duck enters a bathroom where we find Marcus Mariota taking a bath full of, yep...rubber ducks. Being the gentleman and scholar that he is, the Duck kindly refills Mariota’s tub with a fresh supply of rubber ducks.

You can watch the full commercial below. The scene with the Duck and Mariota comes in around the 35 second mark of the video.