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Slingin’ Quack: Sean Chooses Love & Happiness

Sean and Rusty hand out their roses.

Virginia v Oregon
Sean choosing love would look similar.
Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Sean and I are back for another episode of Slingin’ Quack. Oregon had a 44-26 win over Virginia and for some reason a lot of people think the end is nigh. However, the sun did come up the next morning, and we know that because I sat in traffic on my way home from work.

We wander our way through a variety of topics. We talk about Devon Allen and the unbeatable Madden play where he just runs really fast by everybody and Dakota Prukop throws the ball really far for Allen to catch it. Royce Freeman is a topic of discussion also because he averaged 9.9 yards per carry and continues to be amazing and one of the top running backs in the country. Jalen Brown is also every coach’s wet dream at this point after blocking his defender off the face of the earth on Freeman’s huge run.

On defense we have a different story. The secondary played well in one-on-one matchups. Actually, we didn’t even get to talk about how I think Arrion Springs is blossoming into a shutdown cornerback. Some ways to go but you can see the potential. Largely, the defense has a whole struggled to fill the gaps adequately in the 4-3, particularly the linebackers who seemed to get stuck on one half of the field. Some of that is inexperience in the system and some poor tackling made semi-easy work for the Cavs on the ground.

There is a preview about the upcoming game against Nebraska. We talk about Mike Riley as coach and the team’s performance against Wyoming last week. Nebraska’s season last year is also looked at. I think Oregon fans get too wrapped up in our own weakness and don’t consider that other teams also have weaknesses that Oregon can take advantage of. So we have a lot of material for all the Oregon Duck fan bed wetters out there.

At the very end we do some commentary on Tako’s latest Tako Tuesday.