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Oregon Ducks Ranked No. 1... In Uniforms

The Ducks once again claim the top spot in the thread department.

Utah v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Everyone has their own take on college football’s preseason top 25, a mostly meaningless set of rankings that will quickly be smashed up over the coming weeks.

But a uniform top 25? That’s a little different. USA Today has put one together, and none other than the Oregon Ducks came out on top.

In fact, the list begins with four giant pictures of Oregon uniforms interspersed with the words “How could Oregon not be No. 1 on this list?”

Well said.

The rankings don’t strictly go by uniforms. More specifically, it’s the regular top 25 ranked by uniforms.

Pac-12 foe UCLA comes in at No. 10 (“a lot of bright colors here, and maybe we could do without the texturing on the jersey”), Arizona is No. 12 (“would be way higher up on the list if they employed a bit more white”), Stanford is No. 15 (“a little boring”) and Washington is No. 16 (“that’s a lot of purple”).

Oregon is no stranger to the top ranking for jerseys, and was voted nation’s best uniforms by recruits last spring.