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College Gameday Open Thread

After a long, brutal offseason, we are back to gridiron action. Welcome back to COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The first week of the season has an abundance of games, but as per usual, I'll let you know the important ones.  And by "important ones," I mean ranked teams (though some of which are questionable), and PAC12 games.  It should be an interesting season, with many of last year's big names going pro (*coughgoffcough*) and at this point in the season, every fanbase has a reason for hope (Though I assume Michigan fans are going to be unbearably arrogant this year).  It's good to be back, posting the general Gameday Thread.  LET'S FOOTBALL!!!!!!!


  • Hawaii @ (7) Michigan (ESPN)
    - The Harbaugh effect is real in all of it's khaki-glory.
  • (13) Oklahoma @ (15) Houston
    - Wait, Houston is ranked higher than us???
  • Rutgers @ (14) washington (P12)
    - Let this be the beginning of a season where we never capitalize their name, as per usual.
  • Miami @ (17) Iowa (ESPNU)
    -  Tickets available from only $50!
  • (16) UCLA @ Texas A&M (CBS)
    - Prepare for the Josh Rosen bandwagon this year.
  • (5) LSU @ Wisconsin (ABC)
    - What are we making of Leonard Fournette here?  Dominant back or overrated prospect?
  • UC Davis @ OREGON DUCKS (P12)
    - I imagine ATQ will provide you with adequate coverage of this matchup.  Call it a hunch.
  • (18) Georgia @ (22) North Carolina (ESPN)
    - Our first game of the year with two-ranked teams.
  • (20) USC) @ (1) Alabama (ABC/ESPN3)
    - Wait, is this a thing where we are supposed to root for the Trojans?  I'm confused.....
  • Eastern Washington @ Washington State
    - Cooper Kupp is the guy to watch in this game.  For EWU.  Fantastic wide receiver.
  • (2) Clemson @ Auburn (ESPN)
    - This one might get ugly, or Auburn might upset.  Probably the former.
  • BYU @ Arizona (FS1)
    - BYU runs a two-QB system that may cause some problems....
  • Northern Arizona @ Arizona State (P12)
    - NAU is picked to win the Big Sky Conference.....

Completed PAC-12 Games
- In a sad, but predictable fashion, Oregon State was the only P12 team to lose prior to Saturday.  Christian McCaffrey picked up right where he left off last year.  And new Cal quarterback Davis Webb accounted for 4 passing touchdowns.

- Hawaii 31
- California 51

- Southern Utah 0
-Utah 24

- Oregon State 23
- Minnesota 30

- Kansas State 13
- Stanford 26

- Colorado State 7
- Colorado 44