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Oregon football unveils new uniforms

These ones are flashy.

On Saturday, the Ducks unveiled some fresh new uniforms several hours before their season opener against UC Davis. This morning, Oregon unveiled yet another new set of uniforms on their social media platforms.

Yesterday, the athletic department hinted at the new uniforms with this post on their Facebook page:

A couple of weeks ago, Zach Mallory picked up on the theme between the uniforms that had hit the shelves on stores and the new goalpost padding in Autzen Stadium.

One of my personal favorite features of the new uniforms are the helmets, with different logos of the Duck on each side. One one side, you have the “Fighting Duck” logo that the athletic department has been using more and more, and on the other, you have the more aggressive looking “Combat Duck” which we saw in some uniform sets last year.

Oregon will likely wear these on Saturday night against Virginia at Autzen Stadium, so they should look pretty cool under the lights.