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Slingin Quack: Hyperbole Monday Is Upon Us

Rusty and Sean talk about the win over FCS opponent UC-Davis. There is a certain mythbuster segment going over the three phases of the game. They take a quick look around the conference, talk about the size of players, and the game against Virginia

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon took on FCS opponent UC-Davis and the performance seems to be quite polarizing.  Sean and I take a long look at what insights can actually be drawn from this performance.  The short answer is not a lot but that there are positive signs, and some drawbacks, on the team.  We address those, what to be worried about, and what not to be worried about, in pretty thorough detail.

Dakota Prukop started his first game at quarterback, Darren Carrington was always open, and Royce Freeman had a limited number of touches.

One of the brightest spots was the emergence of Troy Dye who had 11 tackles, 4.5 of which were for a loss.  I talk about a few of the amazing plays that stand out that are indicative of a long-term success rather than a one-time performance.

It might seem counter intuitive but it is probably better to have a game like this to start off the season.  The team has a clear understanding of where the weaknesses are and creates some urgency the next couple weeks leading up to the game against Nebraska.

Sean and I have had some crazy scheduling issues hence the emergency guest last week but we do have a schedule down to make sure we have a weekly quack supply.