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Slingin Quack: Willie Taggart Is In The Illuminati

Rusty and the usual guest is back talking about the recent performance of the basketball team, the football workout, the new assistant coaches, and Twitter.

NCAA Basketball: Oregon State at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

We are back after a couple weeks away. Scheduling continues to be a doozy. However, I think this episode went pretty well.

Because we have run out of time to talk about basketball in the past we open with them in the most recent episode. The team is fresh off a solid set of wins but are headed into a tough stretch of games over the next month. We focus on the team chemistry, adjusting to new personnel groupings, and how the team dynamic is different from last year.

We recorded this before Coach O was suspended but we still do our analysis of our take on the workout that sent three players in the hospital. We go over what we know from player comments and a few other news stories to try and put together exactly what the facts are. Obviously the workout should raise eyebrows because students shouldn’t go to the hospital after a workout, but we talk about some of the other factors that should be taken into account when thinking about the case.

I have been doing my best over the last few weeks to slow down the hype train but now I am getting yanked along whether I like it or not. The assistant coaches coming in are all fantastic and this is probably a realistic, best-case scenario. (Realistic in the fact that Saban and Meyer are not happening.) We go over our favorite coaching hires and what they mean for recruiting.

Lastly, we play a fun game that will go on for a while called “football coach or Illuminati.” The new coaches are pretty fond of the whole Twitter thing and often put out motivating posts. I read out tweets from the Illuminati twitter handle and tweets from coach profiles and we try to guess which tweet belongs to which account.