CAR TALK - With Click and Quack


I had a lot of fun today talking All Things Automotive today, and if you didn't notice, I LOVE cars. New, old, foreign, domestic, exotic, proletarian, cars ARE my bag, baby. So I figured that maybe we could start a separate thread and take this topic further and see where it goes. Any other car-related themes worth discussing? Your Ultimate Dream Car? First car? Least favorite car? Road trip stories! Post pics of your rides! Let's see where this goes!

Pictured is MY personal all-time favorite rod, the Tom McMullen '32 Deuce highboy, probably THE most famous hot rod of all time. Blown 327 small block, REAL magnesium E/T rims, white Tijuana tuck-n-roll... Recently sold at auction for $700,000. Sigh.

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