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Quack Fix 1-3-17

NCAA Basketball: Southern California at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning and happy New Year ATQ! This is my first quack fix in a while, I haven’t worked for five days so I haven’t been waking up in time to make the fix. It feels good to be back.

How ‘bout that Rose bowl last night, eh? I almost turned it off before the 4th quarter to let the kids have the TV, glad I didn’t.

We’re losing a D Lineman to transfer. That’s cool though, we’re super deep at D Line, right? Wait, what’s that? Oh... well never mind then. Tei-Kirby seemed to play fairly well late as a true freshman, it would have been nice to keep him around. I don’t know nearly enough about D Line play, so maybe someone can elaborate on why the new defense wouldn’t be a good fit, outside the obvious of there being one less spot for a D Tackle to start at.

The coaching staff continues to fill out and we’ve added a guy with west coast ties and great recruiting credentials. Seems like a good hire.

ESPN gives men’s BB some love.