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Quack Fix 1/4/17

NCAA Basketball: Oregon State at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy I Hate washington Day! Did you all punch the screen when you saw this mornings quack fix? Good. It’s working.

In related news, Ted Bundy and Kenny G were both huskies, you round down with national championships (.5 = 0), and Jake Browning is a noodle armed QB who chokes every time he plays a good team. Did you catch that Alabma game, that was fun, right? Also, we’re better at basketball, so we better win tonight or 2017 will already be ruined.

We have a Running Back visiting.

ESPN previews today's hate match up.

FishDuck takes a look at next years offense and decisions that must be made.

That’s all, have a happy Wednesday and huck the fuskies.