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Watch LeGarrette Blount punish defenders on this 68-yard run

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon fans know all too well how physical of a player Philadelphia Eagles running back LeGarrette Blount is. Today, we got to see another example of that.

Early in the 4th quarter, with the Eagles leading the Los Angeles Chargers 19-17, Blount broke free of defenders for a 68-yard run that nearly ended in a touchdown.

Just sit back and enjoy the sheer power of another physically punishing run by Blount:

The Eagles would go on to win 26-24, improving to 3-1 on the year. Blount finished the day with 16 carries for 136 yards, averaging 8.5 yards per carry.

Anytime I see a big run like this from Blount, it takes me back to the night I felt like I truly became a Ducks fan, the 2008 Holiday Bowl against Oklahoma State. I can pinpoint the moment that I fell in love with this team down to this exact play: