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Oregon basketball unveils brilliant season ticket plan aimed at younger fans

The Ducks are making an effort to capture the attention of millennials.

USC v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Last season, the Oregon men’s basketball team saw it’s highest average attendance (9,895) in nearly four decades. This season should be no different, with expectations riding high after the Ducks made a historic run to the Final Four last spring.

In an effort to capture some of that momentum, especially with fans who might be fresh out of the Pit Crew, Oregon introduced a groundbreaking new season ticket program, known simply as “The Empire.”

How does it work? Pretty simple. The younger you are, the cheaper you can get season tickets. For example, I am 26 years old. Under the new plan, I can get season tickets for $165 total, which includes a $50 donation to the Duck Athletic Fund. My friend, who is 22 and fresh out of college, and probably not swimming in money, can get the same seats with me for just $99 total, including the same $50 DAF donation.

Here’s the full breakdown on ticket price based on age, ranging from 22-30.

Oregon Basketball “Empire” Season Ticket Prices

Age DAF Donation Ticket Price Total Price
Age DAF Donation Ticket Price Total Price
22 $50 $49 $99
23 $50 $58 $108
24 $50 $77 $127
25 $50 $96 $146
26 $50 $115 $165
27 $50 $134 $184
28 $100 $103 $203
29 $100 $122 $222
30 $100 $141 $241

For my fellow millennials out there, what are your thoughts on this? Would this get you to buy season tickets when you wouldn't have otherwise?