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Slingin' Quack: Water in the Basement

Rusty and Ifo Bomaye recap the loss to UCLA, preview Utah, and talk about the upcoming basketball season.

NCAA Football: Oregon at UCLA Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Ifo Bomaye and I begin the pod with recapping the loss to UCLA out in Pasadena. We talk about what we can expect from the offense and we have pretty different opinions of where the unit is headed. I talk about the play-calling but really think that the calls indicate something that runs much deeper on offense.

There are a couple pitfalls we can have the rest of the season. One of the problems I brought up on the pod is that the defensive side of the ball could resent the offensive side of the ball. They get stuck on the field a lot and lock down the opponents until things fall apart in the fourth, when games are pretty well out of hand. All the pressure is on the defense to make things work, and with little help from the offense, some bitterness could arise.

Going into the Utah game I think we have a bad matchup. The “Sack Lake City” defensive line could pose major problems for a quarterback with a 15% sack rate. If Oregon couldn’t get enough points to win against the worst rushing defense in the country, they’re not going to get it done against a slightly above average unit. Ifo Bomaye gives a few reasons why I’m wrong.

The last part of our college football discussion is talking about the upcoming week. The 12:30 pm PST lineup is too busy. These networks have to work together and stop stepping on each other. They have got to spread these games out.

We finish talking about the upcoming basketball season. I briefly start discussing the new SI article that largely goes after the school administration. We move on to discussing the new recruits that Altman has brought into the program, the opening couple weeks of the season, and what we can expect to see from the team, at least for the first couple months.