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Quack Fix 10-28-2017: The Yutes visit for Halloween weekend

USC v Oregon
And the man in the back said everyone attack and it turned into a football blitz
Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Remember Fright Night 2009? I sure do (well, mostly). It was the best Halloween since my momma dressed me up as a dead cat for Halloween circa 1978. See, it was supposed to be ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’ but all anyone got from it was a kitty cadaver, and poor old Mrs. Larson across the street (and one house over), who was widely acknowledged as the neighborhood cat lady, never spoke to me again. It was almost as fun as the year my Vietnamese brother dressed up as John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. That, you had to see to believe.

BUT I DIGRESS, enough about Clan Daisy Halloween fails. My point is, maybe there is some Halloween magic left in Autzen. Perhaps if Braxton Bananaramameister dresses up in a Hawaiian shirt and lei (BUT TOTALLY NOT CULTURALLY APPROPRIATING ANYONE BRO) then he will channel St. Marcus and beat the Yutes (I’m sorry, yooouuuths), who if given the chance, you know would show up for the game as the No-Fun police.

Daisy’s Bold Prediction: By the end of the game, we will all be very, very drunk.

Until then, today’s action:

5 Wisconsin vs. Illinois 9:00am ESPN

8 Miami vs. North Carolina 9:00am ESPN2

11 Oklahoma St vs. 22 West Virginia 9:00am ABC

Cal vs. Colorado 11:00am Pac12 Network

2 Penn St vs. 6 fOSU 12:30pm FOX

3 Georgia vs. Florida 12:30pm CBS

4 TCU vs. 25 Iowa St 12:30pm ABC

14 NC State vs. 9 Notre Dame 12:30pm NBC

UCLA vs. 14 UW 12:30pm ESPN2

16 Michigan St vs. Northwestern 12:30pm ESPN

Houston vs. 17 South Florida 12:45pm ESPNU

Utah vs. Oregon 2:45pm Pac12 Network

Duke vs. 13 Virginia Tech 4:20pm ACC Network

Georgia Tech vs. 7 Clemson 5:00pm ABC

Texas Tech vs. 10 Oklahoma 5:00pm ESPN2

15 WSU vs. Arizona 6:30pm Pac12 Network

21 USC vs. Arizona St. 7:45pm ESPN