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Quack Fix 11-11-2017: Veteran’s Day Special - Thank You for you service ATQ’ers

Army V Navy

Friends! Let’s talk about Veterans day!

On 11 November 1918 the War to End All Wars ended - the treaty of Versailles was signed and that moment gave us our modern Veterans Day. In all of Europe this holiday is also celebated as Remberance Day. It is not just an American holiday.

We all know veterans, although probably most of us don’t know any veterans of that first war. Those who have served our county so the rest of us can enjoy our freedom and liberty are blessed, and I am very thankful for their service. God bless Pat Tillman, John McCain and so many others, including my own Mr. Daisy who “kicked down doors” in Iraq while his family worried about him every day for a year and more. God bless all those service members all throughout the years who did what was neccessary to take care of our country.

Many of you ATQers are veterans, we all appreciate your service SO MUCH. I wish I could call you all out by name but I would be sure to miss many of you. Please post today and tell us “I am a veteran!” Thank you all for your service - Enjoy your day, you have earned it!

Today’s games:

12 Michigan vs. 13 Ohio State 9:00am Fox

Rutgers vs. 14 Penn St 9:00am B1G Network

15 Oklahoma St vs. 21 Iowa St. 9:00am ABC

Connecticut vsl 18 UCF 9:00am ESPNU

23 NC State vs. Boston College 9:00am ABC

Arkansas vs. 24 LSU 9:00am ESPN

17 Virginia Tech vs Georgian Tech 9:20AM ACC Network

1 Georgia vs 10 Auburn 12:30pm CBS

Florida St vs 4 Clemson 12:30pm ESPN

20 Iowa vs 8 Wisconsin 12:30pm ABC

11USC vs Colorado 1:00pm Fox

19 Washington St vs Utah 2:30pm Pac 12 Network

2 Alabama vs 16 Mississippi St 4:00pm ESPN

Purdue vs 25 Northwestern 4:00pm ESPN2

3 Notre Dame vs 7 Miami 5:00Ppm ABC

6 TCU vs 5 Oklahoma 5:00pm ESPN

Oregon St. vs Arizona 7:30pm ESPN2

Arizona vs UCLA 8:30pm Pac12 Network