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Slingin’ Quack: Looks Like Passing Is Back On The Menu!

A whole bag of quack recapping the win over Arizona, recruiting, and week 2 of the basketball season.

Arizona v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Ifo Bomaye and I are back for a new bag with some of the most potent quack. Obviously, we open with our recap of the win over Arizona. Leavitt’s gameplan was executed phenomenally by the defensive line and the secondary.

We liked seeing so much fire on defense, even though it sometimes led to penalties. One of the biggest takeaways we both had from this game is how no one on the team seemed to give up on each other. The last few weeks were full of moments that could have divided the team and I think it says a lot about the team leaders that the team stayed unified.

Having Herbert back was obviously a huge change in offensive efficiency. The presence and continual threat of a deep ball opened up the entire offense. Freeman averaged over 7 yards per carry and had 4 rushing touchdowns. Taggart didn’t call too many more pass plays than normal. Something I didn’t get to on the pod was that the offense’s identity is all power running. On the 94-yard touchdown drive at the beginning of the second half, only 14 yards came through the air. The line is firing on all cylinders and the running threat is going to be much more potent at the start of next year.

We didn’t cover the coaching carousel. That will probably happen next week.

The logical transition was to go to recruiting. We took a preliminary look at the 2018 football recruiting class and covered some general takeaways without naming specific people. Any recruiting talk wouldn’t be complete without basketball’s number one ranking and Bol Bol’s commitment. Altman is on the cusp of being widely recognized as one of the top basketball coaches in the country.

Through four games of the basketball season we have seen some players really shine. Pritchard is looking much better and has added a couple elements to his game. Troy Brown has been a force early on and I’m excited to see what he does against some of the best competition this upcoming weekend at PK80.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and if there’s any topic we missed that you’re mad about.