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Civil War Quack Fix - 11/25/17

Arizona v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

At 4pm PST our Oregon Ducks look to revenge last year’s Civil War loss to the Beavs - we’re heavily favored (by 25) and hopefully this will serve as a nice exclamation point for the regular season.

O-Live has a preview & how-to-watch article up.

Ken Goe gives us Five Things To Watch.

Here’s some random Civil War trivia from a few years ago (CANZANO WARNING, although this is pretty harmless).

Chip’s going to UCLA - oh goody. Does this mean the Bruins are finally all-in after years of dithering with squinty facehugger Jim Mora? Time will tell!

That’s all I got, comment away & GOOOOOOO DUCKS!!!!!