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Oregon Basketball Player Profile: MiKyle McIntosh, Senior Forward

Another Canadian has a chance to shine with the Ducks

Photo courtesy of Tony Piraro

Illinois State transfer MiKyle McIntosh is the physical presence this Oregon team desperately craves. As true freshman Kenny Wooten learns his way around the college game, McIntosh is refining his for a memorable senior campaign.

Let’s take a look at the 2017-18 roster with our individual player profile series. After placing you in an intro class to Oregon’s five new freshmen last week, this week we profile the entire 2017-18 roster before we get serious next week (tip-off week).


Troy Brown (Oct. 24)

Kenny Wooten (Oct. 25)

Victor Bailey Jr. (Oct. 26)

Abu Kigab (Oct. 27)

Will Johnson (Oct. 31)

Payton Pritchard (Nov. 3)

Elijah Brown (Nov. 4)

MiKyle McIntosh (Nov. 5)

Paul White (Nov. 6)

Keith Smith (Nov. 7)

Roman Sorkin (Nov. 8)

Evan Gross (Nov. 9)


The Ontario product from Pickering is listed at 6-foot-7 and 240 pounds. He has been eating his Campbell’s Soup, clearly. McIntosh is a physical specimen that is not afraid to get dirty underneath the rim. He will be an enforcer down low, as Wooten gets his proverbial feet wet. Yet, he has a nice touch and can fill it up from the outside. MM can play point forward, with a great ability to handle the rock. Plus, he embraces contact.


I spoke with MiKyle after the exhibition game against Northwest Christian. I asked him if he enjoyed playing in a more ‘wide open’ Pac-12 Conference vs a gritty, defensive-minded Missouri Valley. Here was his response:

“Playing for a different team is always different. Our offense here is different from Illinois State, but offensively there are strengths here. People are bigger here. They are quicker there. It’s different from that sense, but you still have to play hard on defense.”

NCAA Basketball: Illinois State at Texas Christian
MiKyle McIntosh helped lead the Illinois State (28-7) program to unprecedented new heights. Yet, he never got the respect he was due in the Missouri Valley Conference. He’s currently poised to boost Oregon’s chances amid his final year in college.
Sean Pokorny-USA TODAY Sports


The senior should start at power forward for Dana Altman. With Pritchard at the one, Elijah Brown and Troy Brown maintaining the shooting guard and small forward positions, that leaves the four for MiKyle. Of course, the versatility of Paul White enables Altman an opportunity to play with a bunch of different rotations, even with a limited number of ‘big men’ on the current roster. That will change next year.


McIntosh enjoyed a breakout campaign for the Redbirds in 2016-17. The Ontario product amassed 12.5 PPG, 5.6 RPG, 1.8 APG, 0.9 BPG and 0.7 SPG in 26.7 minutes of action per night. He was rewarded with Missouri Valley 2nd Team honors.

As a former Redbird myself (for a hot second), I always keep an eye on the program. I tried to watch this beast regularly. Trust me when I say he’s the real deal and I was shocked ISU let him go. The Missouri Valley in general is vastly underrated annually.

On January 7 at Indiana State, McIntosh recorded a career-high 31 points. He finished his evening 9-of-13 from the field, including a perfect 5-for-5 from downtown. At the home of Larry Bird, McIntosh showcased his golden touch from the perimeter.


McIntosh already has a college degree from Illinois State in recreation management. Fun fact: ISU is the top institution for teachers in the state of Illinois.


He’s a bruiser with a finesse game, if that makes sense. McIntosh is strong and isn’t afraid to mix it up in the post. However, he has a really nice jumper and can find his own shot off the dribble. Don’t jump off a building when I say this, but at first glance he looks like LeBron. Of course, he won’t average a triple double but not many players can move with the ball so effortlessly at his height and weight. Another guy he reminds me of is former Kentucky great and current Charlotte Hornet, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. McIntosh is very sturdy defensively and solid all-around, as his game will illustrate. You’re going to enjoy watching him create space on the block and keeping offensive possessions alive.


This is a deep, 10-man rotation that Dana Altman will be working with so I see his numbers being very similar to what they were at ISU, which would be perfect. PREDICTION: MiKyle will average a career-best 13.3 PPG, 6.4 RPG, 2.8 APG, 1.1 BPG and 0.9 SPG in 28.2 minutes per contest. He’ll grab seven double-doubles throughout the year. He will receive Pac-12 honorable mention for his solid senior campaign.


Merv 22 is a great influence for the Duck freshmen. Not to mention, he brings valuable experience and understanding of the college game like senior transfer Elijah Brown. He is a welcomed sight for a team that could struggle on the boards at times.


Let’s take a look at McIntosh’s pre-draft workout. After this season, he should receive an opportunity with an NBA organization. Given his strength, ability, versatility and handles for a 6-foot-7, 240-pounder; MiKyle McIntosh is going to open some eyes in 2017-18. We know the Golden State Warriors are watching all Ducks closely.

The next five days at ATQ will be jam-packed with Oregon basketball prep, including player profiles, predictions, previews, interviews, breakdowns and a few history lessons. Every day, we will have something new as we count you down to opening night.

Ready or not? Oregon basketball is set to return soon. The regular season gets underway at Matthew Knight Arena on Friday, November 10 against Coppin State. You can catch opening night on the Pac-12 Network at 9:00 p.m. local time.

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