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Slingin’ Quack: Winning The Bye Week

Rusty and Ifo Bomaye recap Washington, talk about the immediate future of the team, the upcoming weekend.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

So Saturday’s game was very not chill. After a good start to the game a couple breaks went the Huskies’ way. There was a very small window of opportunity for Oregon to pull out the win without some serious help from PAC-12 After Dark. A red zone fumble and a punt return for a touchdown later and the game was out of hand.

I do want to give a quick shoutout to the Honolulu Oregon Alumni Association. I happened to walk into a sports bar to watch the game Saturday afternoon to find that the alumni association in Hawai’i had actually reserved multiple tables in the place. It was great randomly meeting some friendly Duck alumni in the middle of the Pacific. Mahalo.

Ifo Bomaye and I talk about some of the popular takes around Burmeister, the team, and what the trajectory of the team is the next season. I think it’s premature to make a definitive statement on how good Burmeister can be. A lot of growth can happen in just a few years and the list of great football players who were written off in their first season is very long. Ifo Bomaye disagrees to an extent but also outlines some of the hot takes that are wrong and discusses some that are more reasonable.

There’s a huge weekend of college sports coming up this weekend with Oregon basketball kicking off the season on Friday at 9 PM. AT NIGHT. I guess this game was going to be over early anyways so it doesn’t matter too much that people are going to tune out because of how late it is.

This weekend’s college football slate is bananas. You’re going to need a couple screens for every shift. We run down the slate and talk about the playoff implications for each matchup.