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Slingin’ Quack: Love It or Leavitt

Rusty Ryan and Ifo Bomaye talk the new head coach and the upcoming Las Vegas Bowl

NCAA Football: Oregon Spring Game Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Ifo Bomaye and I are back after taking a week off and luckily not much happened.

First, we talk about Mario Cristobal as our new head coach. We discuss the other coaches that were interviewed including Leavitt, Sumlin, and Harsin. No coach was a perfect candidate and we weight the pros and cons for each. Ifo Bomaye and I disagreed on our preferred coach when the search began but we both believe that right now we are in a best-case scenario given the circumstances.

Following that we move to preview the Las Vegas Bowl against Boise State. I had just finished parsing through the advanced stats that you can find at Football Study Hall so was ready with some fun facts.

Both of us think that Oregon will pull off the win and cover the spread. I have picked against Oregon in most games against the spread, so I’m feeling pretty confident about this matchup. Looking at some of the advanced stats like S&P+, IsoPPP, and efficiency ratings we see some pretty clear trends on how the game could go.

Lastly, we take a look at what the Oregon men’s basketball team has shown the last two weeks during non-conference play. Ifo Bomaye has a pretty detailed rundown on what stands out to him thus far.

(Some technical problems happened during recording so some parts may sound a little choppy due to editing.)