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Oregon Ducks Year in Review: Hopes Still High for Oregon Soccer

Utah vs. Oregon
Ben Green/Emerald

The Ducks experienced a quite competitive year, kicking off their 2017 season with NC State, which gave Oregon their first loss. Although many players returned from a rather successful previous season, the Ducks were faced with injuries and struggles defensively. Refusing to allow injury to be their excuse, the Ducks consistently worked towards unity as a team, and worked toward building a new identity for themselves. After their loss to NC State, and a cancelled Texas A&M game, the Ducks continued on to a three game winning streak, beating Oklahoma, Cal Poly and Idaho. A game versus UC Irvine snapped their streak, but the Ducks managed to gain the win against Montana and Idaho State to finish out their non-conference games.

Oregon finished with an 8-11 overall record and a 2-9 conference record. Out of the PAC-12, Oregon had a 3-0 win against Arizona State, and a 3-0 win against Utah. The Ducks struggled on the road, not able to beat any of their away components but hopes are high for this Oregon soccer team. Next year, the majority of starters are returning, so now is the time for Oregon to find their new identity, get healthy and prepare for an equally competitive 2018 season.