As most of you probably know, our beloved Scotsman jscot has been battling Cancer for the past year or so. It had been noted recently that he hadn't logged onto ATQ for several months, and I'm sure we all feared the worst. But this morning, during the height of the Willie-or-Won't-he? Show, what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a post from MRS. jscot:

My husband told me to log in and say this

"Hi, Mom!"

He also said to give a short update. He can’t really type these days, he’s mostly bed-ridden, speech slurred, a lot of pain, but still mentally sharp.

Also, we both thank you all for the entertainment. I read him from the Quack Fix once or twice a week, depending on how he feels. A censored version, because some of you should be ashamed of your language. Call me "mom" if you want to, but it really is disgraceful sometimes.

He thinks you are all being very silly. "Hire Cristobal or Arroyo as HC, give Leavitt a nice raise so he stays, or else just hire Leavitt as HC and one of those guys as OC, everything will be fine. If Taggart leaves, it isn’t like somebody died. And people die all the time and the world still goes on."

We’re doing ok. My husband is beating cancer, not the way most people think of it but the way he does. He says, "Every time I smile, every time it hurts and I don’t complain, every time I pray or am thankful for something, every time you read me my Bible, and every time I remember to say, ‘I love you,’ I’m winning." He’s winning a lot — but it is hard. He wasn’t supposed to have this long, but here we are, and every day is a gift.

If you reply to this, please don’t swear, I’d like to read him all the replies, and I just can’t find it in me to read swearing, I’m sorry.

Thank you for giving us something to break the heaviness of some of the days. And thank you for being friends to my husband over the last few years.

Mrs jscot

On behalf of all of us ATQ, I'd like to wish Mr. & Mrs. jscot all the best, and thank you for sharing. Sending good JuJu your way. Happy Holidays, and keep fighting, ye great pillock.

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