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Quack Fix 12-8-2017: Basketball Getting Back on Track

University of Oregon v University of Oklahoma
University of Oregon v University of Oklahoma

Men’s basketball is working hard and Altman is pushing them harder than before to get back on track after losing 3 of their last 4 games. The team has had a week off after losing two of three games at the PK80 tournament and then falling on a buzzer beater at home against Boise State.

Troy Brown talks a little bit about what he saw from the bench while sitting out the Boise State game with a concussion and some of the same points from the link above are emphasized as the men’s basketball team tries to find it’s footing.

Click here to weigh in on your thoughts between the two potential internal candidates for the Oregon head football coach job. I’m apparently in the minority on #TeamLeavitt IF we hire internally.

There’s not a lot of news, so you’re getting a link to a really (truly, horrendously) bad take from Fentress on how Taggart leaving is Karma for how the program treated Mark Helfrich.