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Quack Fix 12-9-2017: CristoBALLIN in Vegas

NCAA Football: Oregon Spring Practice
Coach Super Mario
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

So Oregon Coach Search 2017 ended Friday with smiles all around, and we now have a head coach that not only could have guarded the president, but is besties with The Rock. It’s official, Coach Cristobal’s cool scale goes to 11.

Coach Cristobal could have been in the Secret Service. That’s pretty dang cool.

He’s also good friends with The Rock. Let me repeat, OUR COACH IS FRIENDS WITH THE ROCK. There is nothing else I need to know about him, I’m a believer.

Here’s what Mario had to say about that at the Bball game last night.

Good news for Oregon and bad news for Miami - his new contract isn’t going to make it easy for him to walk away. One thing you can say about Rob Mullens - he learns his lessons well.

Oregon Basketball had a nice win last night beating Colorado St. 95-65. Also at last night’s game - the football team accepted the Las Vegas Bowl bid presented by Elvis and a Vegas show girl. Because, of course it was.

Dana Altman also addressed questions about what he knew about the KBW case.

Only one football game on tap today, but it’s a big one for a lot of folks.

Army vs. Navy 12:00pm CBS