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Quack Fix 2-6-17

NCAA Basketball: Arizona at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

This just in, Oregon is good at basketball. Ken Goe thinks they are a final four team, FWIW. I agree, assuming they play well and don’t run into another version of last years Buddy Hield shooting 126% from three.

Oregon women’s basketball fell on Sunday at ASU. This was their 9th loss and 9th top 25 team they’ve played this season. Coincidence? Random, but I noticed looking at the box score that the women play 4 quarters, like is normal for everyone else who’s ever played basketball, while the men play two halves. I find this interesting.

CBS Bracketology moved the Oregon men up to a two seed after the Arizona win.

If you’re in Eugene, or can get there easily, Team Eaton will be at the TrackTown Tuesday event at the Downtown Athletic Club tomorrow.

Happy Monday.