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SVP Invites Dillon Brooks to SportsCenter

Oregon’s finest sets aside some time for the big show

The Pac-12 Player of the Week, Dillon Brooks, joined Scott Van Pelt on ESPN’s SportsCenter Monday night. It was DB’s third Pac-12 POW honor this season. People outside the PNW are starting to take notice of the shot-making assassin.

Brooks led the Ducks to a rare Bay Area sweep against California and Stanford last week. Not to mention, his 22 points and game-winning last-second bucket against Cal to begin the trip.

Scott Van Pelt and Dillon Brooks are all smiles on SportsCenter Monday night. DB joined SC after his third Pac-12 Player of the Week honor.
Tony Piraro

The Canadian has hit a game-winning shot three separate times this season. He has also been named a Wooden, Naismith and Erving Player of the Year candidate. With the loss of Elgin Cook to the NBA, DB has become the main man in Eugene this season.

Regardless, Oregon is beginning to hit their late-season stride once again. Head coach Dana Altman has NOT lost a regular season game AFTER Valentine’s Day in four years. He doesn’t plan to start on Saturday for The Civil War in Corvallis.

Dillon Brooks is waiting patiently on Monday evening for SVP to join their pre-recorded interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter. The Oregon star illustrated his self-confidence, alongside a great sense of humor.
Oregon Men’s Basketball Department

The funniest moment of the segment was SVP bringing up the “flopping” incident against Utah in Salt Lake City. Dillon handled it gracefully, quickly responding with laughter. DB even mentioned the funniest meme he has seen since it occurred.

Brooks really enjoyed the Lance Stephenson meme of him blowing DB over.

Dillon Brooks got a “kick” out of the Lance Stephenson meme. It was poking fun at Oregon’s star for his Hollywood flop at Utah. It’s refreshing to see an athlete not get offended, and rather laugh off a joke at his own expense. It truly exhibits his maturity off the floor.
Tony Piraro

If you missed any of Brooks’ interview with SVP, don’t worry, we have you covered. Click below to view SVP’s interview of Duck forward, Dillon Brooks...

Brooks on SportsCenter with SVP:

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