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The ‘Tonight Show’ puppies have spoken. Oregon is winning the NCAA national championship.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Preview Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Predicting sports is a near impossible science. There are endless factors that nobody but the players and coaches have any control over, and yet, we continue to try and predict outcomes that are usually never correct when it comes to March Madness.

Instead of spending the week analyzing every possible statistical category and matchup, it'd be more fun to come up with a more unique way to predict the outcome, like using a pack of puppies.

That’s exactly what Jimmy Fallon does on The Tonight Show, and last night, Fallon’s furry pack of adorable puppies made their prediction for this year’s Final Four, picking Oregon to win it all. How did they land on the Ducks as this year’s winner? Just see for yourself, and prepare for your heart to melt.

The puppies make a mad dash down the path and disperse fairly evenly, with the exception of South Carolina, who gets almost completely neglected. One of the puppies takes a look at the USC bowl before moving onto Gonzaga and then finally settling on Oregon with some other pals.

It was a close call between the Ducks and North Carolina, but Oregon was deemed the winner.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I’m going to go adopt Gary Frick Jr.