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Oregon paid David Reaves over $60,000 following arrest and resignation

NCAA Football: UC - Davis at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

David Reaves contributed just 26 hours of work with the Oregon football team before he was arrested in Eugene for a DUII, which led to his resignation from the program almost as quickly as it began.

For those 26 hours of work, Reaves was paid a sum of $3,750, plus a payment of $60,000. This comes from a report by the Register Guard who obtained documents through a public records request.

Reaves was arrested for a DUII just five days after he signed a two-year contract with Oregon worth $300,000 per year.

A reason was not given for the $60,000 payment other than being described as a “lump-sum payment according to agreement.”

Reaves will appear in Eugene Municipal Court on March 13 for a plea hearing.

I would personally love to know the langauge in a contract that justifies a $60,000 payment following an arrest for drunk driving and reckless endangerment.