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Things Jordan Bell Could Block

Twitter is going crazy over Oregon’s junior

@BellCouldBlock via Twitter

After leading his team past No. 1 Kansas, 74-60, with a school-record eight blocked shots, Jordan Bell is making quite the name for himself.

Since Saturday’s monumental win, a hashtag was born #ThingsJordanBellCouldBlock and nothing will ever be the same for the Oregon forward.

Winning the Midwest Regional Final was a giant accomplishment for the Ducks. It’s the first time in 78 years Oregon is back in the Final Four. The 77-year drought was the longest in college basketball history between appearances.

None of it would be possible without the heroics of Bell. The Long Beach product secured 13 rebounds, 11 points, eight blocked shots and four assists against the Jayhawks in the Elite Eight.

Bell was so impressive that the internet almost melted. Twitter was ablaze with his name. People from every walk of life began messaging what Bell could block, literally.

Jordan Bell is so good. How good is he? He is so good, he goes salmon fishing without a pole. He simply waits for a bear to make his move, then Bell pounces on his opportunity. He will not allow any second-chance points on this shot attempt.
@BellCouldBlock via Twitter

For Oregon’s all-time shot-blocking leader (229) in program history and Oregon NCAA Tournament history (28), Bell is taking the spotlight in stride. Not to mention, Bell and teammate Chris Boucher led UO to an NCAA record of 241 blocked shots this season.

Better together than apart. The Bell and Boucher duo will live on forever, especially on Twitter.
@BellCouldBlock via Twitter

Honestly, is there anything Bell can’t block? What do you think? I would love to hear from you. There is nothing too ridiculous for No. 1 on the Oregon roster.

North Carolina Twitter? That is a no-brainer. Request denied.

Jordan Bell has Tar Heels on his mind this week. He is envisioning blocking every request that UNC has for him this week. Request to follow denied.
@BellCouldBlock via Twitter

How about the McDonald’s arch? I’m sure that would be a walk in the park. Here are some more for your entertainment. Maybe it will help take your mind off later today.

Winnie the Pooh has something to say about Jordan Bell’s ferocious appetite for blocking things. All this poor bear wants is some honey, can you give him some Jordan? Probably not. He is placing Winnie on a diet, immediately.
@BellCouldBlock via Twitter

How about when your girl wants to read your texts? Just ask Jordan to block her.

Screen protectors are too expensive for your phone. Don’t worry about the hassle of going to the store to by one, just have Jordan Bell do the work for you.
@BellCouldBlock via Twitter

Steven Spielberg understood E.T. needed to fly away to avoid Jordan Bell’s wingspan.

Did E.T. really phone home? I think he was just trying to avoid Jordan Bell in the paint. Regardless, Bell would clean up any mess left by the extraterrestrial.
@BellCouldBlock via Twitter

No matter the era, LaVar Ball is getting rejected by Bell.

LaVar Ball, father of son Lonzo, definitely had his shot sent back by Mr. Bell. No matter the time, no matter the place, Jordan Bell will find you...and most likely reject you.
@BellCouldBlock via Twitter

Free Willy? He may have been free after the movie, but Bell found him.

Free Willy! Well, at least he had his opportunity at freedom. Jordan Bell now has him locked up in the post. And once you go to the post with Bell, there is no coming back from it.
@BellCouldBlock via Twitter

Kim Jong, put down North Korea’s cookies! Jordan...

No cookie for you!
@BellCouldBlock via Twitter

If you want to see more, visit @BellCouldBlock on Twitter. If you have any of your own, we’d love to hear them!

No. 3 Oregon (33-5) will square off against No. 1 North Carolina (31-7) in the 2017 Final Four. Tip is set for 5:49 p.m. PT from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on Saturday. UO is seeking their first title appearance in 78 years. The game will be televised by CBS.

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