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Kavell Bigby-Williams Requests Transfer

Oregon’s 2016-17 rotation continues to shrink

NCAA Men's Final Four - Practice Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Oregon’s Kavell Bigby-Williams has requested his official transfer from the program. His request was accepted and he has permission to explore his opportunities.

An official statement from a UO spokesman:

Kavell Bigby-Williams has requested, and has been granted, a release for transfer. This does not mean that he will transfer, only that he has permission to explore the opportunity.

One of the core elements of our program is that we encourage players to do what they feel is in their best interest, and if Kavell feels he needs to explore other opportunities, we would certainly support that. Coach Altman is out of the office recruiting this week, but he and Kavell will be meeting on Monday, and we will move forward from there.

Basically, KBW has the ability to look around, but he doesn’t have to transfer. He could change his mind tomorrow. Regardless, he has more options now. If he leaves, Oregon would be without seven of their eight best players from their 33-6 season entering 2017-18.

Oregon v North Carolina
Kavell Bigby-Williams certainly played his part during the 2017 NCAA Tournament. Out from the shadows of Jordan Bell and Chris Boucher, KBW has requested a transfer from the program. We can only wish him the best, as he seeks the best place for his career.
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Bigby-Williams was the 2015 National Junior College Player of the Year out of Wyoming when he committed to Oregon. UO has found success with junior college talent like Boucher and KBW.

Amid his 1-year run with the Ducks, if he does leave, the London product averaged 3.0 PPG, 2.8 RPG and 0.8 BPG. He played sparingly, but saw more time after CB’s injury. I’m not going to lie, this one hurts. The 6-foot-11 big man will be missed. His defensive presence off the bench was an asset.

It may seem bleak right now, but you have to destroy the old house to rebuild a new foundation. Gone are the days of waiting 3-4 years for a Duck to develop.

Nothing against Casey Benson or KBW, but maybe they understood more than most. Maybe they saw the light at the end of their proverbial tunnel was getting further away as new Oregon playmakers enter the fold. Maybe they want a significant role during their senior season and that wasn’t promised with a youthful Duck unit.

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