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NBA Draft Combine: Oregon Boast Four at Showcase, Dylan Ennis Snubbed

Five Ducks prepare for their individual challenge

2017 NBA Draft Combine - Day Two Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

CHICAGO, Illinois — Oregon has five players vying for professional dreams in the NBA. Dillon Brooks, Jordan Bell, Tyler Dorsey and Chris Boucher were invited to the 2017 NBA Draft Combine. Unfortunately, Dylan Ennis was not invited to the NBA showcase.

Brooks, Bell and Dorsey will be participating in every drill at the combine. Meanwhile, Boucher will be limited to ONLY medical evaluations, measurements and interviews.

After the first day of measurement evaluations, Boucher impressed without playing a single second. CB showcased his monstrous wingspan of 7-foot-4, alongside the second-largest hands (10.5) in the 2017 class.

“I signed with my agent and things just got better,” said Boucher. “After my surgery, I was doing rehab so I knew I was in the process of coming back. As soon as I started walking, that made me happy.”

Bell was measured at 6-foot-8.5 with a wingspan of 6-foot-11.75 inches. He impressed a lot of scouts, as his measurements were closest to his actual season listing.

Dorsey surprised the NBA, being taller than expected. The California kid measured up at 6-foot-4.5 from the guard position.

Brooks was listed as 6-foot-7 on the season roster, but was measured as 6-foot-6 exactly. This further illustrates how dominant a player he was in college basketball. He would play the power forward spot at times, and usually won that individual battle. Not bad for a guy who was undersized most of the time.

Kentucky’s Hamidou Diallo stole the show with his insane vertical jump of 44.50 inches. For the first time in NBA history, scouts had to add an extra 12 inches to the ladder. Diallo was literally leaping over the tool for measurement.

2017 NBA Draft Combine - Day Two
Four Oregon stars tested their limits against the elite from the NBA Draft Combine in the Windy City on Thursday and Friday. Brooks, Dorsey, Bell and Boucher were evaluated by the NBA this week. Meanwhile, Ennis will need to find other avenues to showcase his abilities before the draft.
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

However, Brooks impressed by finishing ninth overall in vertical jump at 37.50 inches. He tied with Wake Forest power forward John Collins.

The worst snubbing of the bunch was the non-invitation of Ennis. The sixth-year senior earned the right to challenge himself against the elite. Have no fear though, he has been tested numerous times before and this will not slow him down.

All these chips stacking on my shoulders won't hold me down..

A post shared by Dylan Ennis (@dylanennis31) on

On the biggest stage at the Final Four, Ennis was arguably the best player in a Duck uniform against North Carolina. He opened the eyes of a nation that night.

Don’t be surprised if someone signs Ennis as a free agent after the NBA Draft is complete. Unfortunately, only 60 spots are available to incoming rookies. Duck fans know better than to question the heart of a champion.

I’ll be following all five pro-bound Ducks on their individual journeys. Tons more on the way from the 2017 NBA Draft Combine at the Quest Center in Chicago.

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