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NBA Draft Workouts: Portland Trail Blazers Evaluate Oregon’s Dillon Brooks, Tyler Dorsey

The boys were back in town on Friday afternoon

NCAA Basketball: Oregon at Washington Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

PORTLAND, Oregon — Oregon’s Dillon Brooks and Tyler Dorsey concluded their NBA pre-draft workout for the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday. Jordan Bell is scheduled to workout for the Blazers on June 19. The Ducks continue to impress across the league prior to the 2017 NBA Draft on June 22.

It has not been an easy road for Oregon’s finest since their season concluded. Although the attention has been great for their career stock, the travel, time and effort put forth to entertain NBA teams has tested their endurance the last month.

Bell, Brooks and Dorsey have all worked out for seven teams or more and that is just from public knowledge. Some teams do not announce workouts with players.

The Long Beach product has seen his value rise steadily since his college career ended. He is making the most from the pre-draft workouts, as some scouts have told me personally he will be a first round selection.

Washington v Oregon
Mr. March has elevated his NBA Draft stock after an incredible run during postseason play. Starting with the Pac-12 Tournament in Las Vegas, Dorsey scored 20 points or more in eight straight games to conclude his college career.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

For Dorsey, the new schedule is exciting because it’s preparing him for his next step.

“I think it was good. We did a lot of competitive drills. This was my eighth one,” said Dorsey in reference to his workouts. “It definitely gives you an advantage going into the draft. It gets you used to the lifestyle, the traveling.”

Mr. March has already had eight total workouts with the likes of the Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks to name a few. Some have worked out the Pasadena native, but did not announce it publicly.

“I’ve learned a lot about the program, the system they run,” said Dorsey about playing with different teams. “Meet new guys. It’s like a job interview. I’m trying to show them my ability, while they are getting to know me.”

Dorsey has four more on his calendar before the draft in 12 days. In total, the lethal scorer will have worked out for 12 teams when the NBA Draft kicks off. Incredibly, over 33 percent of the NBA is interested in Dorsey.

“I wasn’t interested in my draft stock during the process of that (Oregon career). I was just focused on winning,” Dorsey stated. “I took care of that after the season. During that run (NCAA Tournament), I wasn’t looking at that at all. They watch a lot of our games.”

The Pac-12 Player of the Year has worked out for a total of 10 NBA teams, including his visit to Portland on Friday. He has four more scheduled before the draft, totaling 14 pre-draft workouts. The grueling individual schedule hasn’t phased the Canadian.

“It’s been a grind, but it’s what I learned at Oregon,” said Brooks. “Trying to find ways to separate ourselves from the others. They want what you’re good at. It only takes one team to love you. You go out there and give your best resume. Play hard.”

Leading his team to the 2017 Final Four was the cherry on top of a historic college career in Eugene. The All-American enjoyed being back in the state where his college career began.

“It was no different,” Brooks said in reference to the Trail Blazers’ workout vs other NBA teams. “A little less running. Been doing a lot of running. It was a great workout. Great enthusiasm with the coaching staff.”

No matter where Brooks goes in life, the lessons learned at Oregon will stay with him for a lifetime. Even after his heralded success at the collegiate level, many still do not believe in his talent, size or immeasurable qualities.

Progressive Legends Classic
The Pac-12 Player of the Year will always find doubters of his ability. Yet, it Brooks’ positive mindset and passion to prove people wrong that motivates his greatness. The Canadian has already worked out for 10 NBA teams with more coming in the next two weeks. Many question what they do not understand. I fear for those who overlook him on June 22 in Brooklyn.
Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Brooks will continue his life-long fight to defy the doubters.

“I just go out there and try to prove the odds are against me,” Brooks stated. “I been doing it all year round my years at Oregon. My years as a basketball player. Just keep trying to strive to be the greatest.”

Here is a breakdown of the teams Oregon’s big three has worked out for publicly:


May 15 - Indiana Pacers

May 22 - Toronto Raptors

May 30 - Los Angeles Lakers

May 31 - Sacramento Kings

June 5 - Utah Jazz

June 7 - Philadelphia 76ers

June 19 - Portland Trail Blazers

DILLON BROOKS (10 + 4 Scheduled)

May 17 - Indiana Pacers

May 22 - Toronto Raptors

June 5 - Utah Jazz

June 7 - Phoenix Suns

June 9 - Portland Trail Blazers

TYLER DORSEY (8 + 4 Scheduled)

May 15 - Indiana Pacers

May 17 - Milwaukee Bucks

May 22 - Toronto Raptors

May 30 - Los Angeles Lakers

June 5 - Washington Wizards

June 7 - Philadelphia 76ers

June 9 - Portland Trail Blazers

Bell had a few workouts that were not announced, plus his Portland training session in nine days. Dorsey has four more scheduled for a total of 12 before the draft. Brooks is the current leader of the group with 10 workouts and four more on the horizon.

The Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year did his best to evaluate his teammates before the upcoming professional basketball showcase.

“Dillon is a competitor. He is going to try and win every drill,” said Bell. “He demands perfection from everybody. Tyler is the quiet assassin. He doesn’t talk smack, he just shows his game.”

We will continue to update the team breakdown once we learn of the information officially from a NBA team source. One thing is certain, a flock of new Ducks are set to take flight at the next level.


Video courtesy of The Oregonian

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