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Oregon makes an appearance in Madden 18’s new story mode, but you can't use them

EA Sports

Update: After reading further about the story mode, it turns out that it’s a lot less playable than it originally looks.

Over the weekend, EA Sports released a pretty dope trailer unveiling the first ever story mode in the upcoming Madden 18. This is a first for the Madden franchise, following in the footsteps of the insanely popular NBA 2K17 story mode, as well as the story mode in MLB The Show.

The story mode appears to follow the basic plot line of most, starting out as a high school football player, attracting the attention of colleges first, and then, NFL scouts.

And if you're wondering how Madden can use college teams without getting sued, SB Nation has that answered. Essentially, individual schools can sell their likeness, so Madden is running with that. What Madden can't do is use player likeness (Yes, we all know that “QB #8” is really Marcus Mariota so let’s stop pretending it isn't), which was the whole premise of the lawsuit surrounding the NCAA Football franchise.

I don’t buy Madden every year, but this new feature will certainly change that. The story modes are always the most fun, and this one looks pretty in-depth.